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I’m a Pollo-Pescetarian

Pescetarian Diet Pollo-Pescetarian Pescetarian Diet Pollo Pescetarian

Pescetarian Diet Pollo-Pescetarian


Disclaimer:When I originally started writing this on 5/1 I was eating as a Pescetarian (seafood only).  I am currently a Pollo-Pescetarian. Continue to read to find out exactly what that means ! Pescetarian Diet Pollo-Pescetarian Pescetarian Diet Pollo Pescetarian


What is a Pescetarian? What is a Pollo-Pescetarian?

I know some of you may be like “Pesce-what?”. A Pescetarian is someone who does not eat any red meat or pork ,  ONLY seafood. A Pollo-Pescetarian however,  unlike a Pescetarian EATS CHIK’N!   A Pollo-Pescetarian is a modified vegetarian diet that allows you to eat SEAFOOD and Chicken.  My mom has been a “Pollo-Pescetarian ” long before they probably even thought of the name. I’ve NEVER seen my mom eat a burger. Ever and I’m almost 30! I didn’t realize this until a few years ago! It’s not something she really talks about. She just does it!

It’s so funny how the older I get – the more I’m transforming into her without even trying. YIKES! lol.

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