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Bell Bottom Sleeve Pictorial

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Hello! It’s been a while since I updated my blog , but please bare with my just a little while longer and that will change ! I have tons of great video tutorial, pictorials and pattern reviews to share ! I’ve really been taking my time preparing blog posts so that I’m providing content that interests my readers ☺️
On to today’s tutorial !

I found the CUTEST bell bottom sleeve top on Pinterest and I knew I had to recreate it !


I decided to use remnant fabric to “practice” on lol. I’ve wasted so much fabric “trying” to attempt different design elements , so please make sure for your first try that you use test fabric ! 

The amount of “flare” that the sleeve has is totally up to you! It’s based on how much you flare out your sleeve pattern. The pattern that I made tonight for this tutorial is way more dramatic than the actual pattern I originally made and sewed up!
This is why I say to try on practice fabric first so you can judge how much you want your flare to be ! I want a lot of DRAMA so I decided to make the second pattern I made LONGER and More Flared !
  STEP 1: 

Choose your pattern ! You can use ANY pattern you want for this tutorial! As long as it has sleeves of course lol. 

I’m using Mccalls 6886 because it’s super easy and first pretty good!

 You need to first trace the armscye and make sure to mark your notches! 

  STEP 3:
This is where you need to choose how much DRAMA you want your sleeves to have ! Decide what length you want your sleeve and draw a straight line from the tip of the armscye ending at whatever length you choose for the sleeve. The more you flare this out (away from the center) the more flare your sleeve will have ! Once you do this, draw a line from one end of the armscye to the other end of the opposite armscye. This will be the line you use to draw the rest of your length.
 STEP 4: The length I chose is 30inches. I took my measuring tape and marked 30 inches from the line I made between the armscye. Because I’m lazy, I didn’t do this for the whole sleeve. I only did it for half as you see above. And then connected those dots to get the bottom curve.
  STEP 5:
You can choose to mark your length for the whole sleeve and THEN connect the dots. But I chose to do half and THEN I finished the other half by tracing the first half that I drafted. Simple.
  STEP 6: this is what it looked like after I traced the other half.
  All done !!!!!! Very very simple !

  I will update this post once I finish my dress. ^^ This is the practice dress I made. I really like how it came out and plan to finish this one too !

Thanks for reading 😊😊😊 Please follow my blog for future tutorials ! 



5 thoughts on “Bell Bottom Sleeve Pictorial

  1. Hi.pive yuor tutorial clases.they are sow simple end sow useful at the same tyme that i current resist to post it.thank.u.for yuor ideas if yuo have more idea plase post it is sow useful for me.thank.u.

  2. This is so awesome!! Thanks for posting!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I checked out your tutorial and your instructions are super clear great job. I have made sleeves like this before but not as wide as these and I put elastic at the cuffs but I am still gonna give this a go.

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback ! My goal was to provide an easy to understand tutorial!
      I can only imagine how fierce this type of sleeve would be with elastic ! Great idea !

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