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How I went from 120lbs to 140lbs in 3 months!

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Finally! The blog post many have been waiting for! My weight gain post!!!

People are always talking about LOSING weight, very rarely do you see people that want to GAIN weight. And whenever you do it’s always met with “OMG, You’re crazy, I wish I was your size” , “Do you know how many people would LOVE to be your size?”… Yea, yea, whatever. No one wants to hear that!!  My response is always simply “Thank you, but I have to be happy with “me”. This is not to say that I’m unhappy with my body, but I was not happy with my weight!!

I’ve tried tons of things, from drinking ensure with all of my meals (and late at night), to taking medicine like apetamine (which works but causes you to be VERY drowsy!!).

What I have found works for ME, was consistently EATING and eating the right foods!!!

I tried my best to eat HEALTHY and stay away from a lot of SUGAR during the period I was weight gaining. Sugar was a no no for me because it has the tendency to go to your belly! I did not want to gain weight at the expense of my very flat stomach!

I decided to change my eating habits, not only for the benefits of gaining weight (I’m still eating ALL healthy!!), but I’m also doing this for my hair and skin as well!! We are what we eat!!

The state of our hair and skin, is very much dependent on what we eat!! Our hair needs the proper vitamins and nutrients so that it can grow to its fullest potential. Think about flowers and plants, of course they will grow as long as they get water, but they won’t grow to their full potential or be as beautiful if any of their nutrients and vitamins are lacking!!!

I’m incorporating, the proper nutrients that i need in my diet and INCREASING MY CALORIE INTAKE!!! Things like Avocado’s are HIGH in unsaturated fat(NOT THE BAD FAT), and STILL good for you (skin and hair!) !!! My previous weight loss (it was gradual over the past two years), was only due to poor eating habits, so I think that eating properly will put me back at my ideal weight.

I set up a goal for myself of what I wanted my diet to consist of! I was pretty good about getting MOST of the things below into my body daily.

This is what my diet consists of:
”  Consuming 20 to 50 percent of your calories in proteins each day. This food group includes chicken breast, turkey breast, lean beef, eggs, fish and milk.

Eating 30 to 60 percent of your calories in carbohydrates, which include, potatoes, brown rice, oats, pasta, whole grains, black beans, sweet corn and broccoli.

Making sure to eat 20 to 30 percent of your calories” in unsaturated fats and consume avocados, nuts and oils which provide your body with essential fatty acids.

This is what my daily food intake looked like on average:

DRINK LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER!! I rarely drank Soda’s and when I didn’t drink water it was 100% fruit juice!!

Breakfast (I ate breakfast RELIGIOUSLY!!!) I feel like this helped me out soooo much because I rarely ate breakfast prior to my weight gain journey!

For breakfast I would have the following:

Breakfast: 2-3 boiled eggs and 1-2 pieces of toast (this was what I had more often, because this is QUICK and EASY to make)

Breakfast: Oatmeal and Toast

Breakfast: Grits/Eggs/Bacon/Toast

Snacks: NUTS NUTS NUTS!! I ate lots of nuts!! I love almonds and cashews!

Snacks: Salami/Colby Jack Cheese/ Crackers and Fresh Fruit (I think this helped a lottttttt) It was really really yummy and I swear I ate it all day lol.

Snacks: Fresh Fruit alone (Usually an apple or cut up mixed fruit)

Snacks: Fruit Smoothies!! Love my ninja!

Dinner and lunch are just about one in the same to me!!

Lunch: Usually lunch during my work week was whatever I had for dinner the night before. But on the weekends I had the following:

Lunch: Chicken Breast (Seasoned with Mrs. Dash and Coarse Kosher or Sea Salt) with Broccili

Lunch: Baby Lima Beans or Field Peas and Rice (Simple but soooo good, and high in calories because I can eat a lot lol).


Dinner: Salmon, Mushrooms(I really love them lol.) , mixed vegetables (I use frozen a lot. It just saves time for me. )

Chicken was a huge staple for me when it comes to dinner!!

Whole Chicken and Roasted Vegetables was something that I ate often throughout the week. It could easily last 2-3 days!  The roasting vegetables I use would vary from Carrots, Potatoes, and other root vegetables, but you can use what every you like.

Dinner: Baby Lima Beans or Field Peas and Rice (This was easy to make, very flavorful and could last a couple of days)

Dinner: Pasta ! Pasta is really good for gaining weight! One of my favorite recipes is Shrimp and Zucchini with Bowties in light Tomato Sauce by skinny taste !

The biggest thing that I learned about gaining weight successfully is making sure that you’re eating between meals. And making sure that what you’re eating whether it’s a snack or a full blown meal, is NUTRITIOUS!

When I was “counting” calories before, but simply looking for foods that had HIGH numbers in calories, I didn’t really get very far because many of those foods were nothing but empty calories with absolutely no nutritional value.

If you’re intested I can compile a list of the many recipes that I used throughout this time! A few of my favorite websites are (HEALTHY , but VERY YUMMY recipes!) , (Just yummy!), (Healthy and Yummy!)  and The Kitchenista Diaries.

I know this post is long, but I hope it helps someone. Please ask me any questions that you may have.



5 thoughts on “How I went from 120lbs to 140lbs in 3 months!

  1. Oh goodness, you’re the best, Ally. I’ve searched everywhere on the ‘net on weight gain; all to no avail…not even a post on weight gain. Thank God I found this….thanks for sharing; I hope I can stay away from sugar nw 😐

    1. Victoria – I’m actually going to do an update to this post 🙂 I eat differently now – Much healthier – and I’m back on this journey again. I’ve suffered from depression / stress so i’ve lost a little weight but I know what to do to get it back on – THE HEALTHY way! Staying away from processed sugar has been something that i’ve been able to do by using substitutes. Girl you just gave me a wonderful blog post lol.

      1. Please do. I’m glad you’re better now. Honey could be a substitute, right? 😉

        1. Lmbooo. Honey is EXACTLY what i use as a substitute. It’s so yummy and I don’t have to use as much. I also use a vegan subsittute – APPLE HONEY – Girl it is AMAZING. Tastes just like honey!

          1. Perfect! Wow, I’m going to try the apple honey also. Thanks, lovely xx

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