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Seam Work Magazine Subscription

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I have been really really selfish.  I should have told you guys about this amazing subscription when I found out about them back in 2015.

What subscription am I talking about? Seam Work Magazine !

What is Seam Work Magazine ?

Seamwork Magazine is an online pattern magazine bringing you two beautiful projects every month for just $6, along with articles, techniques, and creative ideas that make sewing a pleasure.

(If you’re interested in subscribing to Seamwork,  only 6.00 per month, please use my referral code by clicking here ! You will get half off your first month!.)

I think I’ve been subscribed to them for well over a year now.  I have also purchased from Colette Patterns – which is the sister company that Seam Work Magazine branched off from (you also now have the option to purchase Colette Patterns with your Seamwork Credit – continue reading to learn more) !

I love both companys because of the ease of use of their patterns. The instructions are very clear, they provide pictures as well. I love that the patterns are written in a very “down to earth” manner. This makes it so easy to read!!

Per Colette’s Website:

Our hallmarks:

  • Clear, precise instructions and diagrams.
  • Links to in-depth tutorials for more help.
  • Flattering designs in a wide range of styles.
  • Variety of styles — create your own perfect wardrobe.

It’s easy to see why they are one of my FAVORITE PDF pattern companies!!

I love the fact that they offer layered PDF’s this means I can print out ONLY the size that I need. Saves paper and it makes cutting out the pattern so easy. Sometimes all of those lines can make you cross-eyed lol.


I will use their Ariane pattern as an example.

If you look at the images below you can see the example of what I mean by “layered PDF” In the first image if you look to the left in the highlighted portion- you can see that ALL of the sizes are checked – therefore ALL of the sizes are view-able.


If you look at the image below – only the size X-Small is checked – therefore only that size is visible. This even works if you’re in between sizes. You could also make it where more than one size appears if thats what you need. Overall I love pattern companies that do this. It’s so helpful.



Lets talk more about the subscription service. It’s only 6 bucks y’all.

The monthly magazine that they offer is EVERYTHING IN LIFE!!!!  Each issue offers 2 new patterns along with a magazine that has TONS of helpful articles.  I promise you – the magazine is FULL of amazing information and wonderful tips.

I must admit when I first subscribed , I never read the magazine – because honestly I was just interested in the patterns. 2 patterns for 6.00 every month? Thats all I cared about lmboooo. But bayyybeeeee – one day I decided to actually view the magazine and my mind was BLOWN. I went back and read all the previous issues that I had so foolishly ignored.  The magazine is almost the best part yall! READ IT!

My favorite is the BLOCK PAPER SCISSORS section which offers different hacks that can be used to get a new look from the featured pattern for that month.

The patterns alone are like 10.00 each – so the subscription at 6.00 a month is a STEAL. You get 2 credits each month.  Each seamwork pattern costs 1 credit.

They have recently added Collette patterns to the mix and you can also purchase those for 3 credits each which is also really cool.

You can use your credits to buy either the current issue’s pattern OR you can purchase patterns from previous issues. There has been maybe 1 or 2 months where I didn’t see anything new that I wanted (At this point I have just about all of them [reviews in the works] so I have to look out for the new ones lol).

Unlike my data with Verizon, I love that my credits carry over.  And even if I don’t want any of the patterns for that issue -the magazine has NEVER let me down.  The articles in it are amazing. You always learn something new, and the resources they provide with each issue have been really helpful!

I’ve learned how to DYE elastic (This was in the February issue) , which will help me out so much when I start getting heavy into bra-making.

I actually found out about Orange Lingerie  from SeamWork Mag. They are an amazing resource for bra patterns by the way!


Overall you get the best bang for your buck by subscribing.

If you’re interested in subscribing to Seamwork(only 6.00 per month) please use my referral code by clicking HERE! You will get half off your first month!

Check out a just few of the patterns that I have made so far from SeamWork Mag ! Please stay tuned for full reviews and more photos on each of the patterns below AND the many other patterns I have from them!

This is the Jane T-shirt Pattern. I used the hack/tutorial from Issue 26 which featured this pattern. The skirt is the Margo Pattern in a Neoprene fabric.



This is the Jane T-shirt Pattern. I used the hack/tutorial from Issue 26 which featured this pattern.
This is the Margo Skirt in a beautiful Ponte Knit.
This is the Ariane Body suit HACK – The Ariane Slip – So cute!  The tutorial and additional pattern pieces for this were provided in Issue #27.
This is the Ariane Body suit HACK – The Ariane Slip – So cute!  The tutorial and additional pattern pieces for this were provided in Issue #27.


This is the Ariane Body suit in progress!! Stay tuned for the finished product!  This is still in progress as I need to either DYE or find burgundy fold over elastic!




16 thoughts on “Seam Work Magazine Subscription

  1. Wow 😮 I’m loving this….great patterns. Is this just for US residents or one can subscribe from anywhere in the world? I hope I am going to share this now :*

    1. You can subscribe any where in the world ! They also have the metric system included.

      1. Wow! Super great. I’m subscribing right away xx

        1. Make sure to use the code so that you can get your first month off free! click the referral link

          1. Yassssss, please :*


            You just use this link when you’re ready. It automatically attaches the code when you use this link 😀 I really appreciate your support.

          3. ….doing that

  2. Awww! Thank you so much for your kind words. Trust me – If i can learn to sew , then so can you!! I’ve only been sewing 3 years so far and i’m still learning. If you’re ever interested I have a ton of great resources for how to get started sewing!

  3. That’s a good deal. I love your outfits!

    1. Thank you!

  4. This is so cool! I definitely want to subscribe once I get my new sewing machine. A few pieces broke off my old one so it’s about that time. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You’re so welcome. You will love them seriously. And they are SO good about responding to questions that you have about the patterns. Great customer service.

  5. Your very talented. I wish I could sew

    1. You can learn! I have only been sewing 3 years now!

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