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Sewing Resources for Beginners

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Sewing Resources for beginners

So you want to learn how to sew?

I have been sewing for almost 4 years now.  One question that I have been asked on a quite a few occasions is “How did you get started sewing ? Did you take classes locally?  Did you teach yourself? What are great resources for those that want to sew ? ” Well – I have finally compiled a list of 5 AWESOME RESOURCES FOR LEARNING TO SEW !

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This list is great for those wanting to venture into sewing.

Whether you want to sew for yourself, or for others – this list will help you get started on your sewing journey.

So how do I get started? What to buy?

Professor Pincushion is a great place to start!  She has hundreds of videos that teach you some of everything!! I always google “Professor Pinushion + Whatever tutorial I want to see” Because chances are- SHE has one!  I honestly did not realize that she has such large library of tutorials because I always search for the one in particular that I want.

She has videos on Measuring Tools, Scissors, Rotary Cutting , Marking Tools Pins and Needles, Different stitches [ Back Stitch, Slip Stitch , Running Stitch etc.) just to name a few!

This is the link to her huge list of sewing videos that she calls The Sewing Classroom.

Below is the link to her video that shows what tools you need to get started.

Beginners Sewing Tools

This video goes over EVERYTHING that a beginner will need to sew! Please stick to the basics – as you learn and build on your skills you can pick up whatever tools you need a long the way. There is no need in buying a whole bunch of sewing notions/tools that you don’t even know how to use (and may not use for a while).  The basic tools that are listed in the above video are all you will need while you are learning to sew.


Sooo can we speak English please?


Sewing terminology can seem like a foreign language!!! Honestly – I don’t think sewing is that difficult to learn – but like anything  – if you do not understand the jargon – you will be completely lost!!  This is why I spent (and still do) so much time reading blogs/books on sewing.

Check out HowcastArtsRec on Youtube for a great video on a few basic sewing terms.

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Patterns!! How do I read those?

The next resource that I’m going to share – is yet again – Professor Pincushion! She has an amazing video on how to read patterns.

Professor Pincushion covers all of the basics you need for reading a pattern. Once you know how to read a simple pattern – It creates a foundation for reading more complex patterns as you gain more skills/knowledge.

Check out the video below:


Next up  – I’m sharing a resource on needles.

Choosing the correct needle is SOOO important!! My machine gave me issues before, and I took my machine to the shop. My machine was broken, or so I thought!  When in reality – I was using the wrong needle for the fabric that i was using for that particular project. That’s JUST how terrible the “wrong” needle sews. You will think something is wrong with your sewing machine lol.

Check out this blog post by Treasurie Blog

Last but definitely not least….

Mimi G!

I think everyone knows by now how much I LOVE Mimi G! I share with you in my blog post Simplicity 8394 Review – my love of Mimi G ! Mimi G is truly what gave me the PUSH to start sewing because she made sewing look so easy.  I think that she is an excellent teacher.

Mimi G started out on youtube making free tutorials – and then in addition to her free tutorials – she began creating even more detailed paid tutorials.  I think i’ve probably purchased just about all of her tutorials and I plan on reviewing/posting those projects at a later date – so STAY TUNED!

Anywho – I really can go on and on about Mimi G all day if you let me. But let me share this resource with you – She now offers an online academy for learning to sew!!

This is a great monthly subscription that gives you access to Mimi G’s amazing sewing courses/tutorials. I love Mimi G because she teaches you how to make very stylish modern pieces that you can find in stores.   Most of all, Mimi G is GREAT for beginners EVEN if you’ve never sewn before.  Her course isn’t only for the beginning seamstress.  This is a cumulative course that builds on basic skills. Each month she releases a new video. You will even learn how to draft from your own measurements so that you won’t NEED a pattern for certain pieces.  Learning to draft your own patterns is probably a skill that everyone wants to learn because you are not limited by the designs offered by pattern makers.

Check out Mimi G’s Sew It Academy.


I hope that this list of resources for learning to sew has been helpful!

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  1. Hi Allyse, Thanks for including my article on sewing machine needles. Your blog is a great resource for sewers!

    1. Hello! You are so welcome!!! I really wish I had learned about needles in the very beginning! I wanted to save other newbies from making my same mistakes. Your post is so amazing!! Love your blog all together! Thank you!

  2. love this post! I grew up with my grandmother sewing. She has this vintage sewing machine. I always wanted to learn how to sew. I took classes in high school and college. But I just could not get it. Now I am thinking about sewing again. This came right on time! Great post

    1. Hey Keke!
      My mom sewed so thats what made me want to get into sewing early on. I actually took classes in highschool. I hated it!! I wish that they had made it more fun/interesting in HS – I think I would’ve stuck to it! Who knows where I would be with sewing now!!
      Those vintage sewing machines are GOLD!!!! You should definitely think about picking up sewing. It’s so cool to be able to make your own clothes!

  3. Listen, growing up my mom was a seamstress and tried to teach all this stuff to me. She made beautiful work and at the time I didn’t realize that that’s what supported us. Reading this reminded me of her lessons (tho futile bc I cannot sew a straight line to save my life!) Thank you for this wonderful read!

  4. I always want to learn to sew
    Thanks for this useful video

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