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I’m a Pollo-Pescetarian

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Pescetarian Diet Pollo-Pescetarian Pescetarian Diet Pollo Pescetarian

Pescetarian Diet Pollo-Pescetarian


Disclaimer:When I originally started writing this on 5/1 I was eating as a Pescetarian (seafood only).  I am currently a Pollo-Pescetarian. Continue to read to find out exactly what that means ! Pescetarian Diet Pollo-Pescetarian Pescetarian Diet Pollo Pescetarian


What is a Pescetarian? What is a Pollo-Pescetarian?

I know some of you may be like “Pesce-what?”. A Pescetarian is someone who does not eat any red meat or pork ,  ONLY seafood. A Pollo-Pescetarian however,  unlike a Pescetarian EATS CHIK’N!   A Pollo-Pescetarian is a modified vegetarian diet that allows you to eat SEAFOOD and Chicken.  My mom has been a “Pollo-Pescetarian ” long before they probably even thought of the name. I’ve NEVER seen my mom eat a burger. Ever and I’m almost 30! I didn’t realize this until a few years ago! It’s not something she really talks about. She just does it!

It’s so funny how the older I get – the more I’m transforming into her without even trying. YIKES! lol.

I tried the pescatarian diet for 4 months.  It honestly wasn’t that bad. The only thing that I miss were flavored chicken wings.

The only reason that I have decided to now include chicken in my diet is because I was not really feeling the weight loss personally. I know this will be a plus for many! But not for ya girl! 

A lot of people ask me HOW I transitioned.   I tried the Pescatarian diet about 3-4 years ago and failed.

I realize that I failed because I tried to quit EVERYTHING AT ONE TIME COLD TURKEY (pun intended lol).  That wasn’t very smart – FOR ME. Because I found myself not knowing what to eat.   When I finally decided to approach this diet again I slowly but surely weaned myself off of what I no longer wanted to eat.


Bye Bye Pig!


The first thing that I cut out, which was really easy was – PORK.  I normally only eat pork in the form of Bacon for breakfast- so that was pretty easy to quit – just because I don’t eat it often.  I actually have found a salmon bacon from Trader Joe’s that I plan to try and review soon.  I’m sorry I can’t provide more help! I was never a fan of anything other than BACON when it comes to pigs. This is a BIG thing for alot of people.


Buttt if you still want partake in the swine – Check out a recipe that I made 2 years ago Amazing Fall off the Bone Strawberry Baby Back ribs.


Otherwise just pray and ask for STRENGTH!

Unlike Cardi B – I have no beef!

Cardi B Beef Forever I'm a Pollo-Pescetarian Pescetarian Diet Pollo Pescetarian
I love Cardi B!


The next thing that I quit was beef – I quit beef by transitioning to ground turkey.  When I eat steak, it has to be a quality cut, from a quality steakhouse.   It’s so rare that I go to a “steakhouse”  so this was also easy to let go of!

Ground beef on the other hand was a little more difficult to let go of, because honestly ground turkey just doesn’t flavor the food (or add as much salt which is a good thing) like ground beef does.  The catch to that is, I find that I can season ground turkey much more than I would my ground beef (not with salt though) . Adjusting the spices when cooking with ground turkey is an easy remedy to fix.


And then….I gave up chicken.

Crying I'm a Pollo-Pescetarian Pescetarian Diet Pollo Pescetarian
I knew i would miss my chicken wings!

The above gif is honestly how I felt giving up my good old chicken wangz.

This was a really tough one! I LOVE chicken because of it’s affordability and versatility!! Giving up chicken honestly was 100% discipline. There was nothing I could really “substitute” for wings (although I did try a really tasty buffalo cauliflower recipe). I’ve also even tried Gardein brand products, which are really good substitutes for chicken patties, and chicken strips. BUTTTTT whats the point of giving up something just to run to something that tastes like it?

That’s crazy (to me), so I decided to give it up cold turkey.

Cold Turkey I'm a Pollo-Pescetarian Pescetarian Diet Pollo Pescetarian
Cold Turkey

I had enough seafood recipes and knew how to substitute salmon/mahi mahi or shrimp in lieu of chicken – so it was truly a mind thing!


I started this post on 5/1 and things have changed slightly.  I no longer eat seafood exclusively (Pescatarian).  I’ve decided to add chicken (Pollo-pescatarian) back into my diet.

I’m still sharing this post because maybe it will help someone else transition.

Soooo why’d you go from Pescatarian to Pollo-Pescatarian Allyse?

Chicken Lover I'm a Pollo-Pescetarian Pescetarian Diet Pollo Pescetarian
They threatened me! I had to go back! lol.

Why? Because of my weight loss. This reason alone is probably the PERFECT excuse for some of you to go “meatless”. But – this was honestly a deal breaker for me! I’m already naturally svelte – so honestly I didn’t need any help in the weight loss department!

It’s just really hard for me to gain weight only eating seafood/no meat at all.  I only eat seafood maybe 1-2 times per week versus when I ate other meats – I had meat EVERY day at least. Seafood just isn’t that affordable 🙂 Not quality seafood anways. I don’t eat fish like Tilapia and Swai which are really cheap.

See yall!!!  This is why I didn’t want to “label” myself as anything. I’m trying to do whats best for my body.

So what were the benefits of a “Seafood Only” diet?

The benefits that I have seen from eating as a pescatarian:

1. Clearer Skin – I have noticed my skin is clearer and smoother. I have to attribute this to the wonderful salmon that I’ve been eating. So I plan to continue to eat salmon at least 2x per week.
2. Shorter and Lighter periods with NO cramps!! This honestly was the biggest thing for me!! My cramps are non-existent and my period now only lasts 3-4 days versus 4-5. It would be amazing if I can add poultry back into my diet and KEEP this benefit!
3. I sleep soooo much better! I sleep throughout the whole night now!

I haven’t been without meat very long (only about 5 months) but I have enjoyed the benefits thus far (minus the weight loss).
The weight loss and being able to maintain my weight is a huge thing for me . I have a really fast metabolism so I really have to pack on the calories in order to gain/maintain. I have to be just as consistent as someone who is trying to LOSE weight. I plan to document how I gain weight in the healthiest way possible. I’m not health professional / dietitian/nutritionist , so I’m just taking what I have learned/researched and what I now works for me! I hope you stay along for my journey.




27 thoughts on “I’m a Pollo-Pescetarian

  1. I totally understand what you mean about losing too much weight if you cut out meat. I’ve considered cutting it out myself but I find that it just doesn’t work for my body. I will say that fish is my absolute favorite though! I did cut out red meat but I will make an exception for a high-quality piece of steak. I still love the flavor! 🙂

    1. You and I are so much a like lol!!! Thats exactly the conclusion that I have come to – although my body has reacted very well to “no-meat” – I personally am not interested in being smaller/thinner lol. Plus I am very active and workout – so I have to try DOUBLE hard to maintain my weight – then i have the audacity to eat “meatless” 5 days out of the week lol. So yea, I have to go back!! At least to poultry!!
      Fish is king!

      1. We totally are!! Fitness and sewing! I love it! 🙂 I agree, I don’t want to be thinner at all lol. My favorite is dead lifting although I have to settle for the Smith Machine at the moment. I love lifting weights though. I just feel very empowered by it lol! You’re right, when you have a fast metabolism and you are active you need to work double hard to gain weight. I do like the idea of going meatless though to remove the extra hormones that are put in meat. I try to go organic to make up for it and then just veggies fill the rest of the plate.

        1. Yessss to weight lifting!! Girl -you don’t even know how much you’re motivating me right now!! I’m so glad i found your blog!!!!

          AND THAT IS THE #1 REASON I WENT MEATLESS! THE HORMONES! So now – since i’m going to pick back up chicken – I plan to just buy organic/grass fed. I didn’t really care before, but I’m very picky with my seafood (must be wild , never farm raised) – so I guess I can spend a few bucks more to be picky with my chicken too!

  2. the gifs were perfect. I really wanna try to be pollo-pesca but i doubt my will to keep it going (sometime i get stuck on steak and don’t want to eat anything until i eat steak). Very good advice tho. Don’t try to cold turkey it.

  3. I might have to look into this although I try to stay away from labels. I’ve tried my hand a few times at vegetarian and pescatarian lifestyles and like you said it’s sooo many benefits to cutting meat out. For me, it’s so hard to stay disciplined…I’m from the south so you throw some meat in front of my face and I just may act a fool. I want to go back to this but since I’ve been scared straight from Tilapia and salmon is so expensive… I don’t even know where to start. Needless to say, thanks for sharing!

    1. I don’t like labels either. This post originally was titled “So I guess I’m a pescetarian” lol. Becuase by definition thats what I was doing at the time. But things change (As you see) and I just honestly want to do whats best for me and my body health wise.

      Yesss!! Being from the south! We love our meat!! lol. Girl yessss. I don’t do Tilapia. Haven’t in yearssss. And as you stated – Salmon is expensive. If salmon was more affordable I probably could’ve not maintained my weight. But I was having so many MEATLESS days because I didn’t of course want to eat a cheaper fish like tilapia and honestly – the clean-up with meat grosses me out at times lol so I don’t mind having meatless days.

  4. Wow I learned some new words definitely. I don’t eat any sea food though
    Great post and good of you to succeed after failing

    1. It seems as if there is a “label” for everything lol.

  5. I love this post! I have thought about giving up meat. I am not a big meat eater. I have been pork free for 2 years. It wasn’t hard because I hate bacon. Giving up chicken is not hard at all. I would like to be healthier and I want to have that glow to my skin naturally. I will do as you advised and let things go slowly and not just quit cold turkey. Thanks!

    1. LOLOL. You are the first person i’ve heard say they hate bacon. But thats not a bad thing lol. Bacon isn’t the best for us anyways!!! I think that if seafood like salmon were more affordable – I could stay away from chicken. I’m glad that this post helped you 🙂

  6. I commend those who give up red meat but my love for bacon will never allow that to happen. Congrats on failing, trying again and succeeding!! Way to go

    1. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Many people have a love affair with bacon!

  7. I have never heard of pescetarian or pollo-pescetarian way of life before
    Honestly, this is my first time
    It sounds very healthy. In general, red meat is not very healthy (though it tastes good)
    But I will surely miss it if I take off my diet completely

    I’m glad you are loving your new way of life and its benefits!

  8. I am currently fighting with myself over this transition. My issue is that I love pizza so if pizza-Pescatarian is a thing please let me know lol Anyway I truly enjoyed your post and I am hoping that I can make this transition soon. I am currently praying for will power

  9. This is awesome. I go do this during certain seasons and I enjoy eating none of the other meats. Felt better overall and lost some inches! I can’t resist a good steak now and again, tho!

  10. I’ve never heard of this diet formally named. I’m Jamaican and I know many people that eat this way. Very informative post.

    1. Thats the thing – People have been eating this way for YEARS !! But society has to put a label on everything today lol. I love Jamaican food by the way!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  11. Very interesting. I don’t eat pork, but I love a good steak. Thinking of adapting this and incorporating no/low carbs. I need to lose some weight. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I need to do this for weight loss and the sleep benefits. I struggle with both. But to give up a good quality cut of beef. Cries.

  13. I can do without meat altogether, but my family has no intention of being meat free. We don’t cook pork in the house, and only have beef at cookouts, so I think they are pollo pescetarians and didn’t even notice!

  14. Whew! You have the strength of Job, lol! I don’t know if I could have given up chicken!

  15. I’m a Pescatarian! I’m eating much more trash now. I’m focusing on fixing that…. It was hard to give up wings, but my digestive system thanks me daily.

  16. Whaatttt? Girl you just schooled me just then. Ok, want to be vegan, but I’ve had crab legs twice since January, but no other meats or seafood. How often will negate my vegan status! LOL!!!

    1. Lmboooooooooooo!!!

      Honestly – I think one time (purposely) will cancel it out lol. But THIS is why I don’t like to use labels. Just do you. The moment you call yourself something – folks start plate watching lolol!!!

    2. But thats honestly not bad at all – that you’ve only had meat 2x since january. The only reason I could not become a vegan is because I feel like it takes wayyyyyy more thought/preperation lol. Like I don’t have time to check ingredients to see if they used animal by-products. Not now anyways lol.

  17. Thank you Thank you Thank you for this post!! This is what I am going through!! I miss chicken but the weight loss is a win win for me!!

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