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Pinterest Crash Course – 17 Tips to Increase Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest Crash Course

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Pinterest Crash Course

If you're wanting to get MORE traffic to your blog using Pinterest. Continue reading this Pinterest Crash Course to Optimize your Pinterest for your blog!
Check out my VERTICAL Pin for this Blog Post!

A Crash Course on how to optimize your Pinterest for your Blog/Website


Need a Pinterest Crash Course ? Well you have come to the right place!!  I’ve been doing a lot of research on how to gain traffic to my blog! Hands-down the TOP source of traffic for most bloggers is  PINTEREST!

The past month I have implemented some of the things that I have learned over the past few months and they have been working!! I think that it’s important that I share the knowledge, so I’ve created this lovely Pinterest Crash Course to get your Pinterest Optimized for your blog!


I’ve been on pinterest for YEARS!  I’ve been pinning my life away – with no plan/thought being put into what I pin.

This of course created a LOT of work for me – becuase my boards were (and still kinda are) a mess!!!

You want your Pinterest account to be aesthetically pleasing! After all , Pinterest is just a collection of photos that we share!

The 17 tips below have SKY ROCKETED my visibility and on Pinterest!!


Previously I was only averaging about 1.8K page views per month! I now have over 70,000 page views monthly on average according to Pinterest.


Pinterest Crash Course Gain Traffic on Pinterest
My monthly views on pinterest!

The impressions for my website were previously only 13 impressions lol. Now my impressions are up to almost 3500!!


I’ve also gained 100 followers in the last 3 weeks that I’ve been working on my Pinterest account.

All of the progress that I’ve made is due to the 17 tips that I listed below!

I still have a long way to go but I think the progress that I’ve made in such a short time is amazing !

There are no gimmicks or crazy tricks that you have to do ! It’s hard work but I think we can agree blogging as a whole is hard work!
I hope that the tips that I share below are as helpful to you as they have been for me!

1.  Change to a Business Account

The first thing that you need to do is change your account to a business account.  This will give you access to all the cool analytics that they provide.  You want to be able to monitor your growth. Just go to Pinterest for Business to Convert your account today!

2. Confirm your website

This is very important.  Confirming your website adds your profile picture to every pin that comes from your blog.  This also provides the pinterest analytics for the pins from your blog.  Confirming your website is easy – Check out how to do that here 


Rich pins are only for rich people. So If you’re broke you can skip this step.
I'm very rich.
Lol. Nene Is a Rich Chick!


Lmboo. Just kidding. Rich pins unfortunately have nothing to do with money.

There are 4 types of Rich Pins

Product Pins – They show REAL TIME pricing, item availability and where to buy the product. It makes shopping easier with this information easily accessible on the pin!

Recipe Pins

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of this type of Pin on Pinterest! It provides details such as ingredients, cooking times and serving sizes! Check out an example of one of my Rich Pins – And Actually you can go ahead and Pin it too. Click HERE to pin it. 😀

Pinterest Crash Course Rich Pin Example
This is an example of a Recipe Rich Pin

Article Pins

They provide information on the author, displays the headline and a story description. I have listed THIS blog post as an article Pin 🙂

App Pins

Pretty self explanatory! If you have an APP you are able to pin it ! App rich Pins include an “Install” button so that you can download the App without leaving Pinterest. This is for iPhones only (Sorry Android! – Not really lol)



You need to pin your ass off!


You MUST PIN DAILY!!!!! I personally pin at least 50 pins per day. I honestly would advise to do just that many at minimum. 50 pins per day is a lot – But hey ! This blogging game is hard work!


5.  Allyse – How the heck am I going to be able pin that much AND at OPTIMAL times?

Two words..Board Booster…..Or Tailwind…


Board booster and Tailwind are Pinterest scheduling applications.  Boardbooster is currently my favorite.

Boardbooster and Tailwind both offer free trials.  The first 100 pins are free with both services.  My trial with Boardbooster has ended and I really liked the service. The 5.00 per month plan fit my budget and current needs – so that’s the one I chose to go with after my free trial.  to subscribe to the 5.00 per month plan.  I think one thing that kinda has me sweet on boardbooster is the fact that it pinned well over 100 pins for me for the FREE99!

I started Tailwinds freetrial once my Boardbooster trial ended and I am currently still within my free trial.

This is how both services work (from what i’ve used so far) . They both have many tools , most of which I haven’t really used yet 🙂

Sign up for BoardBooster using my Referral Link so that they know I sent ya!

Board Booster Referral Link

REMEMBER THE FIRST 100 PINS ARE FREE!!! Even if you sign up using my link!


Board Booster

Board Booster creates “Secret” boards for you. The secret boards are created based on the boards that you choose for Boardbooster to use for pinning.  You must pin your pins to the secret board and Board booster later re-pins them to the boards based on the time frame that you set.  I usually allow my pins to be pinned between the hours of 10am and 8pm.

This is helpful because I can sit down for 30 minutes on any given night and pin tons of pins and have them scheduled at the best times. I normally do this late at night when I’m in bed. Pinning to boards at 1am isn’t really helpful because most people are sleep during that time. So it’s really cool that I can pin them at ANY time to have them re-pinned at better times for higher visibility!


I like the look of Tailwind much better. It has a nice , sleek and modern looking. The dashboard is far more detailed. Tailwind is great for analytics and seeing how well your pinterest account /pins are performing.

I don’t really like the way you have to schedule pins on Tailwind. I think it’s because I can’t just pin directly in the pinterest app easily like I do with Boardbooster. It’s so rare that I pin directly from websites!  Tailwind allows you to install a publisher on your web browser or download the app (which still doesn’t let you pin directly from pinterest :-/ )

Honestly – I’m still trying to give tailwind a try before I say that Boardbooster is my ultimate favorite!! Boardbooster doesn’t look as pretty –but it’s so much easier/convenient to use for scheduling pins!


6.  Group Boards on Pinterest

Team work makes the Work!

TEAM WORK!!! This is one of the BEST ways to get your pins viewed by more people!


Pinning to group boards is great because group boards normally have TONS of followers! Which means that your profile/ pins will have an even higher reach when you pin to those boards.
Please make sure you read the board rules! You don’t want to re-pin more than they allow! Some boards have daily pin limits – some boards do not! If you Pin too much to a groupboard you look like a spammer and will likely be removed.  I think I’m in 15 different group boards at least!
Make sure to check out Boardbooster to find the best group boards ! Pay attention to their Re-Pin Rate !

7.  Now that you know WHERE to pin – Lets talk about not being Spammy.

NO ONE likes SPAM of any kind! So Please don't serve it!
NO ONE likes SPAM of any kind! So Please don’t serve it!


I know it’s hard not to be tempted to blow up pinterest with pins from your own blog.

But chill sis….Remember the 80/20 rule.

80% of our pins should come from a source other than your own blog. The other 20% of course should be pins from your blog.

You want to pin MORE from other bloggers than your own posts. I think that this is helpful because of course it gives you MORE pins to share (because you’re not ONLY sharing your own) and you’re not SHOVING yourself down peoples throats! NO ONE LIKES THAT!! I find that when I’m pinning quality pins from other bloggers it makes it where I am MORE visible! This is because I am able to pin SO many more pins since I’m not ONLY pinning for my own blog. Higher visibility means whenever I DO pin from my own blog – PEOPLE WILL SEE IT!

8.  Create your own GROUP Collaborative board!

I have a few group boards that I have created that I know my target audience will enjoy!  I have 2 food boards, a fashion board, a makeup board, and a fitness board.


If you would like to join any of them – Please leave a comment on this blog post !


My Pinterest Group Boards:

Healthy Food Recipes Pinterest Board

Food Recipe Ideas

Fashion Inspiration

Makeup Ideas

9.  Quality over Quantity

Please don’t make the mistake of pinning any and everything!!!! It is very important that you pin QUALITY LONG VERTICAL PINS!  The standard size is 735 X 1102 but you can make it longer if you like, don’t go shorter if you can help it!

Canva is a great FREE resource for creating Pinterest graphics.  They also have a paid version , but the free version has been very helpful to me.

If you would like to see examples of nice long vertical pins check out the following blog posts:


Sewing Resources for Beginners
Sewing Resources for beginners

Simplicity 8394 Pattern Review

Simplicity 8394 Pattern Review
Simplicity 8394 Pattern Review

This is an example of a not so awesome Pin. It’s pretty – but no one see’s it! This was one of the first blog graphics that I created – before I knew how important vertical pins are!

The Esplanade Bra Pattern

Esplanade Bra Pattern
This graphic is ONLY good for YOUTUBE!

10.  Be helpful – Become a great source for quality pins!

I have noticed that in general the more helpful I am – the more people support me / come to me for “advice”.  This is true for Pinterest as well!! When people see that you make QUALITY pins – they look forward to the things that you post! If you’re posting sub-par pins – You can’t expect people to want to follow you. This is why it’s important to know what your niche is and who is your target audience. Make sure you are giving them what they want!!!!


11.  Clean up your Pinterest Account!

Remember Myspace? Make the best of your Top 8!

Re-arrange your boards so that your top 8 boards are boards that reflect what your blog is about! You want to make sure that the boards that your followers see first – are boards that are of interest to your followers.  Also make any boards that are personal/nothing to do with your blog PRIVATE.
This is something that’s a work in progress. Goodness I have over 100 boards. And Pinterest does not make it easy MOVING them around! I made quite a few of my personal boards that did not fit with my “niche” to private.



Deleting followers is hustling backwards!

Don't hustle backwards!! This Pinterest Crash Course will move you in the RIGHT direction!
Don’t hustle backwards!! This Pinterest Crash Course will move you in the RIGHT direction!



They are very important for the aesthetic aspect of your Pinterest account.  Boards without blog covers just look messy and unorganized. If possible , try to make sure that the blog covers are photos only, words can sometimes get cut off!  It’s great if you can have similar board covers at least for your top 8. You could make it similar by choosing a particular color scheme for the board covers.


13.  Choose your board titles wisely. Don’t be cute.

SEO doesn’t like cute!

It’s good to be clever and quirky – but not when it comes to your Pinterest Board Titles. SEO doesn’t like clever or cute board titles.  I’m sure you know how important FOCUS KEYWORDS are for your blog. Well they are just as important for your pinterest boards! If you come up with a title that most people won’t search for – thats absolutely no good!

I used to have titles such as – “Break……..FAST” which was for breakfast foods. I’ve changed that same board to “Breakfast food ideas” This keyword phrase gets more hits than “Break……FAST”.

I know it’s hard to not be “clever” but don’t do it sis! SEO friendly Board Titles are the WAY TO GO!

Pinterest Crash Course
Please listen to what I say ! Just DONT DO IT!



14.  Another point about Key Words

Add keywords to your profile name that are relevant to what your blog is about! Simple.

A Blogging Tip Make sure that you are using your Meta Descriptions (I use YOAST SEO to do this).  Also make sure that every photo has an ALT Description with your Focus Keyword (YOAST SEO)

Pinterest Crash Course
This is what my profile looks like 🙂

15.  You’re cute.

I think it’s important to have an actual picture of yourself ! People like to know that you’re a REAL person and not just some business trying to promote yourself.  This is just my personal take on it! I think that an actual photo of you is better than a faceless logo.


16.  Join Facebook Groups!

This is a great way to gain engagement! b. I am in several Blogging Groups that have daily engagement threads. It’s so helpful!

If you’re not already you should join Facebook groups special to your niche! This is a great place to share your blog posts AND your pins!

If you’re a food blogger you should definitely join my two food groups! They have over 200,000 members combined! GREAT CHANCE FOR VISIBILITY!

Sistahz That Can Cook Healthy

Sistahz & Brothaz That Can Cook



Last but not least….

 17.  Link to your Pinterest group board when relevant !

It’s important to reference your Pinterest profile and any relevant group boards in your blog posts when possible !


If this Pinterest Crash Course was helpful to you! Please share it! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask 🙂



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Pinterest For Dummies - 17 Helpful Tips for Optimizing your Pinterest for your Blog



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