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Earn Easy Money Joining Affiliate Marketing Programs !

If you're interested in monetizing your online presence - Check out this awesome post on Affiliate Marketing Programs that earn EASY CASH!

Psssttt! Hello! Some of the external links (like amazon, ebay, share-a-sale, etc) below are affiliate links, this means (at no additional cost to you) I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. I really appreciate you supporting my blog. Thank you.

Hello !

I’m always trying to find ways to MONETIZE my time online!! One of my more recent discoveries is AFFILIATE MARKETING!


I know i’m extremely TARDY TO THE PARTY!

Catch up Allyse.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement where a  retailer pays a commission to YOU for generating sales on a particular item or generating traffic to their site.

There are so many ways that you are able to “promote/market” a particular item or retailer. It helps to try to be as creative as possible to generate sales and traffic to your chosen affiliates.

For example. I have am a BIG shopper!!  Currently there are several blog posts waiting in drafts where I am reviewing products that I’ve purchased previously on  The plan is to link these items in those blog posts.  Hopefully someone will like my review and purchase the item – leading to me receiving a commission from that sale.

The cool thing about amazon affiliates – even if they don’t purchase that particular item via my link – if they purchase something else via my link I will still receiving the commission. Pretty cool right?

You can also create nice banners based on categories. See the one below thats for the category “Beauty”.

<— That’s one of the Amazon Affiliate Banners.


Oh – Also just a tip – If you’re a WordPress Blogger – Please make sure to take advantage of Amazon’s really cool plug-in that lets you build links right from your blog post.  You can read more about that Plugin and other amazing Plug-ins in my post TOP 10 Must-Have Plugins for WordPress


You have to be creative how you use your links!  Some of them are simply referral links where you receive a commission from them signing up.  An example of this is my SeamWork Magazine referral link or my BoardBooster referral link.  I receive a credit off my monthly subscription. I count this as cash because it’s something that I am not having to pay for that month whenever I do receive sign up credits.


SiteGround is AMAZING!! I haven’t recevived a sign up commision yet – but you receive $50.00 with your first referral to site ground. I think about how many people i referred in the past – I promise it’s been atleast 5 that have signed up becuase of me!! Money lost! Smh!

Siteground is amazing if you would like to host your own website/blog.  I paid less than $50.00 for the whole year! So it’s so cool that I can receive that back in just ONE sign up!

Here is a list of the current Affiliate Programs i’m apart of currently. Please note that some of the links are my own personal signup / referral links. I state that below before you click on them 🙂

Affliate Programs:

Share a Sale Join, Earn Cash!
Amazon Affiliates
Seamwork Magazine MY AFFILIATE LINK
Sephora Affiliate Program
BoardBooster – Amazing Pin Automation Tool My Referral Link
SiteGround – Amazing Hosting My Signup Link



I hope this has been helpful! Please make sure to sign up for as many as you can. It may seem like a few dollars here and there but as your blog and traffic grows – so will your commission from those affiliate programs. So it’s best to start as soon as possible! The sky is the limit!

If you're interested in monetizing your online presence - Check out this awesome post on Affiliate Marketing Programs that earn EASY CASH!



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