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I wanted to share 20 random facts about me. Hopefully you will be able to relate to me and enjoy all the posts I will be coming up with soon.

  1.  I can play the Piano.
  2. When I was in the 4th grade I went home with a stomach ache.  The teacher didn’t believe me because one of my “friends” said I was lying.  I didn’t come back for weeks – I had appendicitis and my appendix was about to burst – therefore I had to have it removed.  It’s funny because the teacher believed my “friend” and not me. Thankfully my mom DID believe me.
  3. My favorite meal of all time is Liver and Onions. Unfortunately I haven’t had this in over a year – I don’t eat beef anymore and chicken liver just isn’t the same 🙁
  4. I hate my nickname. I don’t know why I allowed anyone to call me that all those years.  I know there will be quite a few of you who will be petty enough to call me by it if you read this. 
  5. I got that nickname because I LOVED milk.  Oddly enough milk tears my stomach up now.  Oh – yall thought by now I would tell you my nick name? Nah.
  6. I know this is weird – but when I sleep I have to bite down on something. Usually my cover or pillow and I have to have something in my hand.
  7. I have 2 sisters (1 living) and 1 brother. He’s ugly.  He’s not likely to read this so whatever. lol. I take any opportunity I can to shade him. Keeps him on his toes.
  8. I have a natural resting bitch face but I’m sweet as can be most of the time.
  9. I can’t dance. I honestly think it’s because my oldest sister and brother used to pick at me and discourage me when I would try. I remember I was doing the running man once and they said it looked like i was trying to fly.  Haters.
  10. I don’t have a favorite color.  There are so many colors that look fabulous on me. I can’t pick just one.
  11. Right now , Cardi B is my inspiration. Why? Because she comes off as so authentic.  So herself.  She came on the scene and didn’t change the way she speaks, or looks to appease anyone else. I remember when we first heard about her on Love and Hip Hop New York , everyone spoke about how she speaks, and of course about how she’s an Ex-Stripper.  None of those things matter when you have talent and have DRIVE.  I love how she took the platform that she was given (LAHHNY) and used it to her advantage.  Yea – She got a bag and fixed her teeth , but I’m sure that was something she probably wanted to do anyways. She has stated she is just a “regular degular shmegular girl “. That is exactly how she comes off to me – She’s not trying to be anyone but Cardi B. I love that.
  12. I have 2 tattoos.
  13. My all time favorite celebrity is Beyonce.  She’s also an inspiration to me. I love her worth ethic.
  14. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I ask someone something and they don’t know the answer so they try to come up with a bullsh*t answer. Just say you don’t know love. It’s ok. I don’t expect anyone to know everything – I only asked in case you did know.
  15. I used to want 4 kids. That was before I had a kid. My mom made parenting look so easy. I am happy with the 1 that I have. 1 more would be nice though.
  16. For a long time I did not want a wedding. I have always wanted to get married – but the fact that my dad couldn’t walk my down the aisle really bothered me.  I think I am over that though – I would like a nice small wedding with the ones that I love most.
  17. I sometimes have bad anxiety about dying at 29.  If you want to know why check out my post My sister died at 29. I’m 29….
  18. I’m an Aquarius.
  19. One of the most embarrassing moments that i’ve had was in the 7th grade.  I remember like it was yesterday.  Early one morning , I was outside hanging out with my friends before classes started.  I had on those chunky wedge heels that were popular back in the early 2000’s. I thought I was cute AF that day.  Anywho – It had been raining and for whatever reason I thoguht it would be a good idea to walk up the handicap ramp which was soaking wet.  Yall….I slipped and feel right on my back. It was RIGHT in front of the 8th grade hall – where all of the popular guys who LOVED to JOKE and TEASE people!! I mean they would tease ANY and EVERYONE – it didn’t matter how cute you were. They would come for you !!  I was so embarrassed – I stayed on the ground. Why? Because who can laugh at someone that’s actually hurt.  I wasn’t hurt – but I needed everyone else to think that I was – so that they would wait until I wasn’t around to laugh.  Well the janitor at the school Charlie put me on blast.  I remember him helping me up and saying “Aww – She’s ok. Ain’t nothing hurt but her feelings”. Chileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee – he told the truth right then!!!! I got up immediately and gave him the side eye and got the hell up out of there!
  20. I have wanted to sew since I was a kid. My mom sews – but didn’t have the patience to teach me.  I took Home-Ec in highschool and FAILED my sewing project.  Who would’ve ever thought years later I would be able to teach myself and totally ROCK it!


Anywho – thats 20 random facts about me ! I hope you enjoyed them!




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