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How to create a Glitter Coaster using Resin

Glitter Coaster

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Glitter Coaster

Learn how to create a Glitter Coaster with Allyse Jolie !


Hello Everyone!  Hope you enjoy this super easy DIY on creating a glitter coaster using resin! I have created a video previously on how to mix your resin when I created my Glitter Dipped Tumbler Tutorial. Please make sure to check that video out if you’re unfamiliar with using resin! It’s not as scary as some may think 🙂

Glitter Coaster


This video is really easy and I think that it’s great for a beginner crafter.  I create this resin using left over resin that I mixed after glitter dipping my flask (Oh yea, I did a tutorial on that too!)

Glitter Dipped Flask Tutorial

Yet another great gift for weddings, birthdays or any other special occasion!

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Materials Needed:

Silicone Coasters (Link)

Epoxy – Epoxy (I use Promarine or Alumilite  )

Measuring cups
Mixing bowl
Popsicle sticks
Wax Paper

Baby Wipes for clean up



Allyse XXX



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