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How to create a Glitter Dipped Flask – Easy DIY Tutorial

Glitter Dipped Flask

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Glitter Dipped Flask

Learn how to create a Glitter Dipped Flask with Allyse Jolie !

Glitter Dipped Flask

Hope you enjoy this super easy DIY on creating a glitter dipped flask! I have previously created a video on how to make a glitter dipped tumbler using the epoxy method. Make sure you check out that video to see how I mix my epoxy! This video is really easy and I think that it’s great for an advanced beginner/crafter.

Glitter Dipped Tumbler Tutorial

I will post part two of the “How to Glitter dip a flask tutorial” which will show how I add the vinyl and the last few layers of epoxy for a sealed glossy coat.  This is a great gift for weddings, birthdays or any other special occasion!

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Materials Needed:

Flask (Link)

Coupling Nut (Link)

Epoxy – Epoxy (I use Promarine or Alumilite  )

Measuring cups
Mixing bowl
Popsicle sticks
Electrical tape or Painters Tape (I prefer electrical tape but use what is on hand)

Wax Paper

Baby Wipes for clean up

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