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Super cute embroidered patches provide a quick and easy way to jazz up any thing! You can add patches to backpacks, bags, shoes, work uniforms, shorts - The possibilities are endless!

Size : 13 X 8.5 inches

Iron on Instructions:

1. Set iron to “Cotton” and heat for five minutes. Make sure the "steam" option is turned off.
2. Place the patch in the position you chose, embroidery side up.
3. Place a thin towel , teflon sheet , or plain paper over the patch.
4. Iron over patch for 35 seconds. Edges have to be ironed more times.
5. Turn garment inside out. Press down firmly for another 20 seconds.
6. Remove the iron and allow the patch to cool. For more security (especially for items that will be washed) sew patch edges after ironing to ensure a secure connection.

● Patch should be sewn on to fabrics that aren't suitable for ironing,such as rain-wear (waterproof material) highly elastic fabrics ,or nylon fabrics
● Turn garment inside-out before washing and drying
● Use a gentle wash cycle with cold water. Do not bleach.
● Fabrics like denim and cotton provide the best base for iron-on patches. The fabric you choose should be at least as heavy as the patch.

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