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Venvee Aliexpress Lacefront Wig Review – 250% Density Bob

Venvee Aliexpress Lacefront Wig Review

Venvee Aliexpress Lacefront Wig Review


I think I have finally been bit by the Aliexpress bug!!  I have always ordered hair directly from Alibaba wholesalers and vendors directly in china that I contacted through email only!

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Interested in buying from Aliexpress? Lacefront Wig review on Venvee Hair. Aliexpress review with tons of photos! Venvee wigs, the pro's & con's and more.

Aliexpress to me – really seemed as though it was an easy way for vendors to sell quickly with less hassle.  I really didn’t’ like this because most of the time when I ordered in the past – It was always custom. The hairline density was customized, the size of the cap was customized even the type of lace was custom!

The drawback to custom is the turn around time! This is what forced me to try Aliexpress!  I needed a lacefront wig and I did not have the time to wait 4-6 weeks like I have in the past! I also found out that MANY of the vendors that I used to order custom lacefront wigs from – now no longer offer custom! They only offer stock lacefront wigs! Which I can see why they would go to that business plan! It’s less of a hassle selling something that has already been made.

Venvee Aliexpress Wig Review
This is after bleaching and dying it the 3rd time.

Wig Specs:

This lacefront wig was PRE-CUT into an asymetrical bob wig. I did NOT cut it AT ALL!

13 x 4 Lace Frontal Wig

250% Density

14″ Length

Natural Color

Pre-Plucked Hairline

Link to Vendor: Venvee Hair

Link to actual wig:250% Density Bob Wig

Venvee Wigs

I spent a lot of time on Aliexpress trying to find a vendor that had consistent reviews. It was surprising that so many vendors there had really good reviews. I love that they give the option for reviewers to leave photos of the product they received. That is ultimately how I made my decision!


I chose Venvee Hair because they had really good reviews and all of the photos were consistent!! I purposely decided to wait at least 2 months before I reviewed my lacefront wig! Now on to the review!


(Youtube Video Review at the end)


How was it straight out of the bag?

The wig was really nice straight out of the bag! It was soft – did NOT have any CORNCHIP or CHEMICAL SMELL!!!

Aliexpress Venvee Wig review
This is before I Dyed or bleached it.

How was the initial shedding?

Very little shedding initially! And the shedding is still minimal 2 ½ months later! Keep in mind this hair has been bleached and dyed!


How was the initial tangling?

NO tangling initially! And no tangling 2 ½ months later (even after bleaching/dying the hair- 3 times)


Did it take color well?

The hair took the color VERY well! The hair was very easy to lift. I choice the natural color hair from Venvee. I did this so that I could also bleach the knots on the lacefront myself.

How long have you worn it so far?

I’ve worn this lacefront wig for 2 ½ months straight so far! It still looks really nice ! The quality of this wig from Venvee hair feels just the same almost 3 months later. 


What does the construction look like?

The wig construction is really nice. It’s very sturdy wefts in the back. There is no lace to glue down in the back. My lace area is 4” deep. They now have an option for a 6” deep part – I think that is the one I want to try next time!


How fast was shipping?

 Shipping was really fast! They shipped 2 days after I ordered!


Did Venvee communicate well?

The seller communicated really well! She reached out to me to let me know that she received my order and would be processing it. She also reached out after it was delivered to see if there were any issues. I really loved the customer service.


Final Thoughts………

Overall – I would DEFINITELY buy again! The quality, PRICE and customer service makes this a no brainer!


Youtube Video Review Click Here

Aliexpress Venvee Hair Video Review
Aliexpress Venvee Hair Video Review
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