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Sewing Simplicity 8394 Review – Mimi G


simplicity 8394
Super Cute !

Sewing Simplicity 8394 Review

Hello everyone! I have been really busy sewing lately ! Lets just dive right into everything that WE (because you love it too right) love about this pattern and MimiG!

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Refashioning Thrift Store Finds

Today’s post is about recycling/refashinoing a Thrift Store T-Shirt.  I found this shirt about 2 weeks ago at one of my local thrift stores. It’s a size XL I think but I fell in LOVE with the pattern and just KNEW i could do something with it!! This shirt only cost me 3.00!!!!!!!  What a steal!! I think the shirt was beautiful before I decided to cut it up, it would have been cute with a belt, Oh well though! lol.  On to the photos…

I used MCCALLS Pattern M6791 ! I was going to freestyle the dress with no pattern, but since it’s sooo cold here in Atlanta, I really wanted sleeves.  As a new sewer, drafting sleeves is not something thats easy for me.  I attempted once and it didn’t come out so well. I understand them a LOT more now, and I think I will tackle them one day down the line with NO pattern!!

Any who, I only used the front piece and the sleeve.  I cut the front piece a little below the waist and I plan to use this as a base for all of my dresses since I can always change up the neckline easily.


Oh, Also by the way, I add interfacing to all of my patterns that I plan to reuse A LOT!!!  This makes them super duper sturdy.  I know you can retrace them onto sturdier paper , but that takes wayyy to much time to me, and this is so much neater and QUICK lol.

To make this dress I simply placed my pattern onto my t-shirt and I added length and added my hip measurements then cut out the dress.  I used scrap leather that I had lying around for the sleeves.

This was my end result 🙂

Please let me know if you would like a video tutorial 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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Mommy and Me #InProgress

I don’t have a little girl but I just loveeeeee mommy and Me sets!! They are just so adorable to me! Unfortunately for my son, I haven’t created any Mommy and Me sets for little boys.  Don’t worry…. SEAN(my son) and I are working on a project for little boys. Bow Ties and beyond!

Any who,  a really good friend of mine has not one but two adorable little girls.  And guess what,  they’re TWINS!  I don’t know why but that made this project so much more fun for me!!! She also has a son who I can’t forget to mention lol.  We aren’t leaving him out.  I’m designing a very special bow tie for him.  Special because it will be my first successful bow tie for little boys lol.

Yes,  I’m claiming it.  It will turn out wonderfully.  And not floppy and ugly like the first one I made and never picked up again lol.  That was months ago. Last year even. I’m ready now lol

Any who,  this is what I have created thus far.   …..



Love it? I do…