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Mommy and Me #InProgress

I don’t have a little girl but I just loveeeeee mommy and Me sets!! They are just so adorable to me! Unfortunately for my son, I haven’t created any Mommy and Me sets for little boys.  Don’t worry…. SEAN(my son) and I are working on a project for little boys. Bow Ties and beyond!

Any who,  a really good friend of mine has not one but two adorable little girls.  And guess what,  they’re TWINS!  I don’t know why but that made this project so much more fun for me!!! She also has a son who I can’t forget to mention lol.  We aren’t leaving him out.  I’m designing a very special bow tie for him.  Special because it will be my first successful bow tie for little boys lol.

Yes,  I’m claiming it.  It will turn out wonderfully.  And not floppy and ugly like the first one I made and never picked up again lol.  That was months ago. Last year even. I’m ready now lol

Any who,  this is what I have created thus far.   …..



Love it? I do…